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Perhaps you’re new to digital photography and you haven’t fully invested in the premier photographer’s tool.  You’re looking for an alternative to Photoshop. (PS from here on)  Or maybe you think you don’t need all the sophistication that PS offers.


There was a time when cost was a factor, especially for those just beginning in digital photography.  That has been nullified in my opinion now.  PS is now a subscription based product.  $10/month and along with PS you gain access to Bridge and Lightroom for that same $10/month.


If paying a monthly subscription is still intimidating and as I said earlier, if you don’t think you’ll need all the tools that PS has, there are alternative.  I will highlight three free products for those of you interested in saving your money.  Perhaps the product that has the most name recognition in the Open Source field is:

1. Gimp

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Coming from a PS background, I downloaded Gimp on a Dell computer I used before I migrated to Apple.  Because I was familiar with PS more than any other photography tool, I found Gimp cumbersome to learn.  The interface was completely different from PS.  The Gimp interface now looks much improved since I last used it.


There are many valid points to using Open Source programs:
--The ability to influence future versions.

Open Source programs such as Gimp rely on users to suggest improvements.  In that way users get a voice in what happens to the product they are using.  Gimp is available cross platform which means it works on all Operating systems.


2. Another product that has become popular among content makers is


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I first discovered Canva while being on Google+.  Canva is more than a photographer’s tool.  The product is created with designers in mind.


3.  If you THINK you MAY want to eventually move to PS, the product that most resembles its interface is:


I’ve actually used this when I don’t have access to Photoshop and I feel very comfortable to the point that I’m flying around without giving a second thought to what I’m doing.  That goes to show how similar Pixlr IS to PS.  My advice is to check out each of these products.  See which one fits best with your M.O.  


Photoshop even offers a 30 day free trial.  If you’re brave enough to attempt using the program.  Be warned though, if you start using one of these products, it will become difficult to change to a new one at a later time.  I discovered this when I attempted to learn Gimp over PS.  You become accustomed to the way programs work and it is difficult to learn something new.  Change is never easy for anyone.



In the meantime:
Focus on what's ahead of you.






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