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Did you know the more you update your website and or blog, the higher you rank in search engines? How do you go about updating if you have now new art to promote?



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Did you consider creating a blog page off your website?  The easy part is creating a gallery/page on your website if your service hasn’t already created a blog page for you.  With this being said, I’m assuming you are using a template based service such as:
Zenfolio which already staked out a “Blog” page.  For services like Exposure Manager, you MAY have to create a separate gallery.  The only challenge going this route is that you won’t have individual links for each column you write.  My advice in this case is look for a service that already includes a blog with your photography.



If you must, you can create a separate blog using WordPress.  This won’t help your photography site increase ranking.  That’s why it is important, if you are a photographer to find a service that incorporates a blog into the service, IF you are using a template based service.  No service is going to be perfect.  You’re going to run into times when your site goes down.  However, downtime USUALLY doesn’t last long.



A photography blog is a perfect way to keep your website updated.  It is important to maintain a regular schedule of publishing.  Once a week is the optimum schedule in my opinion.  More and you run the risk of turning off your readers.  Less and you won’t attract visits.  The entire point to blogging on your retail site is to draw people to your website, because the more visitors that come to your site, the greater the opportunity to convert those visitors into potential customers and not just one time customers but repeat customers.  And repeat customers can become our greatest fans.



What good is a website if no one visits.  That old adage:
If you build it, they will come only works in this new economy if you have a way to promote.  You can’t keep posting old content and expect to draw new visitors.  Blogging is one way to draw new people.



In the meantime:

Focus on what’s ahead of you.






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