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Business Promotion:

Yet another way to promote your photography business is to join your local Chamber of Commerce.  And not only join, but get involved. I know Madison, Connecticut’s chamber has monthly gatherings of their members where everyone can mingle, have some food and drinks and network.  I just came from my monthly meeting the other night.


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Madison Connecticut Chamber


One of the things The Madison Chamber does at their gatherings is ask if you can bring a door prize and when you arrive they collect your business card.  Then at the end of the evening they draw cards and they give the door prizes they collected.  Several times after someone has won one of my matted photos, the winners come to my website and make a purchase.  It's all about attracting visitors and converting them to customers.


What's that?
You don't have a website?


Without a presence online, you are rudderless.
Without a presence online, you are looking at obsolescence.


You need an online presence.
You need a social media presence.


You also need a people presence and that’s where your chamber comes in.

They can help you land those elusive clients that are easier to acquire if you have a physical store. Photographers do better with an online presence then a physical presence in my estimation.  Art is a singular work, a solitary endeavor.  And that’s why it is so important for artists, whether they be painters or photographers or writers as well to be able to mingle with people.  We need to have our name constantly on the minds of those who are looking for that unique gift, something that isn’t readily available in a physical storefront.


My advice is when your local chamber promotes sales get involved. Have your own sale and make sure your chamber promotes it with their other sales.  Have unique sales as well and get your chamber involved in promoting your own sales too.


Your local chamber can help you in so many ways but only if you make the effort to reach out to them.


In the mean time:
Focus on what’s ahead of you.




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