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Those who know my photography site:
CJP Photos may be aware from reading my photo statement, that it was my maternal grandfather who introduced me to the craft of photography, just as it was my grandfather who introduced me to many of my childhood obsessions. That just explains one aspect of my obsession.  I could very well have received that Kodak Instamatic Camera and played with it for a few days then simply put it aside and moved onto my next best thing.  That’s not what happened however.

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From the moment I placed that camera in my hands I became transformed.  I discovered something about myself previously unknown.  I loved being behind the camera lens.  I felt comfortable, as if the camera was a part of me.  I never liked having my picture taken so being the photographer, always having a camera glued to my face became the perfect excuse not to have my picture taken.  I always felt I was so much better behind the camera than in front of it.  


As I grew into my craft, I realized I owed my grandfather a huge debt of gratitude for giving me this gift and it’s for him that I shoot now.  Everytime I move the camera to my eye, I understand were it not for him, I wouldn’t have found this gift when I did.  Photography, in my case MUST be genetic, because my Dad is heavily involved in the trade as well as can be seen from the following article I discovered several months ago:
Astronomer Produces Fascinating Photos


Even though that article was written in 1990, my Dad who now lives on Martha’s Vineyard is still heavily involved in the craft of photography.  Everyone from family to his many friends have done their best to have him show his photos at local events.  He’s just not ready yet to take that step.  My grandfather may have pushed me toward the camera, however I think I would eventually have become the photographer I am today regardless.  My Dad would have seen to it, or my stepdad’s father would have.  One way or the other a camera would have found its way into my hands.


Just a matter of When not IF.  My stepdad’s father (Poppy Penders) as he was affectionately known was never without his camera either, a Minolta XG-1.  I’ve been surrounded by photographers on all sides so it REALLY was just a matter of time before I became infected with the camera bug too.


Photography has always been a part of who I am, just as writing has.  You can’t separate me from either one of these; for to attempt to do so would be to annihilate who I am as a person.


Let me rephrase the above statement:

Were it not for all the photographers in my family, my maternal grandfather, my dad and Poppy Penders I surely would not be the accomplished photographer I’ve become.  I owe each of them a debt of gratitude.  


Photography is a part of who I’ve become and I can’t imagine my life without it.


How were you introduced to this obsession?


In the mean time:
Focus on what’s ahead of you.




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