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A few years ago I went shooting with Karen S. someone I met through another online friend.  As we were shooting I discussed with her the steps I take when I return from a photo shoot.  I explained how I edit my photos and resize my images for the web all at once.

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Karen was surprised, having never known about this.  When we finished up at Hammonasset Beach, we came back to my place for awhile.  I showed her how I batch my images.  I was also a bit surprised because I kinda thought this was a well known process.


So what is batching and how does it help the photographer’s job?  If you’re using Photoshop, you can create your own actions.


Creating Actions:

–Open up an image you want to resize and bring up the Photoshop Actions panel (Windows ->Actions)
–At the bottom of Action panel, click on the Create New Action button
–Customize the following on the popup dialog box
–Name: Give your action a descriptive name
–Set: If you not planning to categorize them, leave it inside Default Actions
–Function Key: Create a shortcut for your action.
–Click on Record and the button below will turn red. Any action you perform in Photoshop will be recorded.
–With the Record mode on, start editing your photo. In our case, lets resize the image. Choose Image-> Image Size, enter 450 for width (or any other sizes), click Ok. Click on the record button to turn the Record mode off.

You can create ANY action you want by using the steps above and once you’ve created an action, you can refer to that action when you want have the same thing to do over and over such as resizing, putting a copyright on an image:

In Windows:
Hold down the ALT key then then the numbers 0169


On a Mac:
Hold down the Option key, then press the “G” key.



If you use Photoshop Bridge once your actions are complete, then each time you have a repetitive task to complete:
–Open Bridge.
–Select the folder with the photos that you want to batch.
–Select “Tools” from the menu.
–Select “Photoshop.”
–Select “Batch.”
–Then select the action you want to batch.
–Sit back and watch your action take effect on EACH of your images.


Am I the ONLY one surprised this isn’t well known in the Photoshop Community?  I want CJP Photo News to help the beginner and the advanced user alike and it is sometimes challenging to write something that hasn’t been said many times over.  I hope I’m succeeding in doing so.

 If you are using Photoshop Elements you can create actions and batch with that program as well.

In the mean time:
Focus on what’s ahead of you.



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