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Okay.  So you have a DSLR and a variety of accessories.  The next thing on your list should be a camera bag.  I’ve gone through almost as many camera bags as I have camera lenses and like the lens quandary I initially found myself in I have settled on a bag:
The LowePro SlingShot AW


Why this particular bag?  First let me tell you the other bags I’ve owned have all been handheld bags and they have been a nuisance to carry around with me.  When I needed to access any of my gear, it meant putting the bag down on the ground, fishing out what I needed then carrying the bag in my hand again.

Too much time and too much trouble.

The SlingShot however, is a backpack, so if you happen to be out walking somewhere your hands will be free.  But that isn’t the best feature of the SlingShot.  The best feature is:
That even though the bag is a backpack, there is a strap that fits around your side and the bag easily slides from your back to your front for easy access to your gear.

 I use the feature ALL the time and as with my decision to only use  Canon “L” series lenses, I will only be seen with the LowePro SlingShot bag when I’m out shooting.

The SlingShot comes in three sizes:

I find the 202AW to be the perfect size as it can carry just enough gear to not be so heavy as to cause back pain.  I actually owned the 102AW for about a year but when I upgraded my lenses I quickly discovered that my new equipment wouldn’t fit in the smaller bag.  I had to upgrade to the 202.  Fortunately, I knew someone who needed a camera bag ASAP.  We settled on a price that was amenable for both of us and I was able to upgrade my bag.  So my advice is learn from my lesson:

If you are considering purchasing a SlingShot, I highly recommend the 202AW.  You may think that size is too much.  Look what happened when I made that choice.  You should always think bigger when you purchase anything.  Better to grow into something then have to move on to a bigger product six months to a year out.

I love this bag and I think you will too.

In the meantime:
Focus on what’s ahead of you.


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