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March 16, 2018
As a photographer, are you showing your best work at at local venues, such as coffee shops, libraries and other eateries? Are there local annual events in the town you li...
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March 09, 2018
Last week, a new app called Vero, an instagram like photography app became huge almost overnight. Don’t know how it proliferated so quickly however. I'd like to know how...
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In A Car With Or As A Photographer

March 02, 2018
One of the things I'm sure photographers can relate to is being in a car, either as the driver or as a passenger is scanning the environment as it whirs by. How many time...
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Why Don't You Photograph In The Winter?

February 23, 2018
Having a public persona for as long I’ve lived in Madison, Connecticut, working in the public, first at Stop and Shop as a cashier, then RJ Julia Booksellers and finally...
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What I Take When I Go Out with My Camera

February 16, 2018
Here’s a riff on the What’s in my Camera Bag question. What I take is a BIT different because there are some things that may NOT be in my bag that I take anyway. So what...
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